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Sneak Peak: MKC Tab Wallet

MKC Tab Wallet in Vintage Brown

Back in 2017, we introduced the first leather wallet that organizes your money, keys, and cards, all in one compact casing. Since then, we’ve received a lot of support and positive feedback about our original design. But why stop there? Here at IPPINKA, creation doesn’t stop, and so for the past couple of months, our […]

Everything You Need To Know About Lift

Living in small, tight urban spaces can be tough. For many of us, fitting clothes and other possessions in an utterly small closet, decluttering the floor from our daily carry, and freeing chairs from our laundry are only parts of the everyday struggle. Just before you know it, you’re pinning space-savings ideas on Pinterest! Now, we […]

How To Use Hinoki In Your Home

Japan is home to constant innovation, however, tradition never dies. At the intersection of these two worlds, you can find the wonder that is hinoki wood. This lumber is by far the most in-demand building material and well loved by many. When thinking about Japanese culture, wood is almost intrinsic to the day to day […]

MKC Wallet: The Final Design

The idea behind the MKC Wallet was simple. We wanted to create an all-in-one case for money, keys and cards that would streamline the user’s life by keeping their everyday essentials in one place. After a year of research and development, including several rounds of prototyping, we have finally created a product that is everything […]

Money, Keys, Cards: The Idea That Stuck

In our last blog post, we were uncertain of our design details, still playing around with a variety of models and mechanisms. As we continued our journey to designing this latest product, we stumbled upon the idea that stuck. The Idea We decided to combine keys and a wallet component into one seamless product. After […]

Money, Keys, Cards: What’s In Your Pocket?

The Beginning Phone, wallet, keys. It’s the checklist you run through before heading out the door. They are the three most important things found in our pockets. Yet, these three items don’t always fit in your pockets, and regardless of running through the checklist, something is often forgotten, dropped, or misplaced. Could we create a […]

SONO: For Peace and Quiet at Home

The SONO allows you to filter sounds from outside, giving you ultimate noise control. Don’t you hate the sound of the garbage truck picking up your trash when you’re trying to sleep in? Or trying to work through the sound of cranes and tractors outside your apartment studio. Even though you are in your home, […]

Lift : The Launch

It’s been quite a journey for us as we develop our very first IPPINKA in-house product, and we’re nearing the end! Lift is a versatile wall mount that stylishly organizes your busy life. Last week, we revealed Lift’s final components: a wood dowel hangar, a powder-coated steel arm, and a CNC-milled birch plywood plate that […]

Wall Hook (Lift): Talking To Makers

The Plan One of our very first in house designed products (working name: “the wall hook”), started with a simple idea that lead to lots of research, sketching, and modelling. After much work, we finally reached a potential look for the design. In last week’s post, we showed you that concept. Today, on this Friday the 13th, we […]

Wall Hook (Lift): Iteration & Prototypes

The Vision Welcome to part 2 of our “design process” blog, giving you an inside look at how we design here at IPPINKA. Last week, we showed you the beginnings of our wall hook design. After researching, brainstorming, and sketching, we found a direction for our design – a versatile hook that works for everyday […]