Everything You Need To Know About Lift

Living in small, tight urban spaces can be tough. For many of us, fitting clothes and other possessions in an utterly small closet, decluttering the floor from our daily carry, and freeing chairs from our laundry are only parts of the everyday struggle. Just before you know it, you’re pinning space-savings ideas on Pinterest! Now, we understand the hassle and here’s where Lift comes to play. Lift is a small but terrific solution for various household products. For a wall hook, it is able to hold even the heaviest of things all while remaining classy enough to display your coat, scarf, or bag. In October 2015, the team at IPPINKA began creating the wall hook that we know today as Lift. The concept behind Lift is simple and can be summed up in four words: practical, functional, strong and beautiful. A minimalist wall hook that is heavy-duty yet blends well into a cozy room interior. Finally, after a year of conceptual planning, prototyping, working with makers and choosing materials, Lift was launched. Lift offers several advantages. For one, it has a clean and elegant design that complements your space and your lifestyle – all while getting the job done. Its versatility allows you to hang heavy items like your bike, ladder, and other handyman tools without looking too bulky. For a small wall hook with a low profile, it can handle up to 50 lbs or 25 kg of weight. It accommodates rim width up to 1.1″ or 2.8 cm and a wheel thickness of up to 2.8″ / 7.1 cm. Whether it’s yours or your kid’s bike, Lift can surely handle it. Lift also features a wooden dowel with a single groove that serves as a hanger for everyday items and a metal arm that holds the heavier goods. This metal arm can be slotted in from the left or right to conveniently suit the space, and for easy installation. Regardless of where you want it, Lift can make it happen – and surprisingly without taking much work! Simply screw it onto any supporting wall stud using the supplied hardware and finish up by attaching the supplied leather strip. Made out of wood, steel, and synthetic leather, Lift was designed to blend and match nicely with most furniture and flooring. Wood, when exposed to sunlight, develops a darker tint and simply looks better over time. Its durable steel arm is coated in powder to resist scratches; and ethical synthetic leather acts as a bike tread cushion, protecting your wall from scuffs and marks. Lift was designed as a simple solution to a problem faced by many people; reuniting everyday essentials into one area, keeping functionality, high quality, minimalism, and environmental consciousness. Make your life easier. Shop for Lift here.