MKC Wallet: The Final Design

The idea behind the MKC Wallet was simple. We wanted to create an all-in-one case for money, keys and cards that would streamline the user’s life by keeping their everyday essentials in one place. After a year of research and development, including several rounds of prototyping, we have finally created a product that is everything we wanted the MKC Wallet to be: functional, comfortable, and built to last. Our first design priority was durability. As the carry-all that holds some of your most important belongings, we needed to ensure that every part of the MKC could withstand constant use every single day. We selected full-grain, cowhide, oil tanned leather, that is known for its long wear. The leather is also water resistant for extra endurance. The MKC features two heavy-duty Chicago bolts, one on each side; these binding screws allow users to easily and securely attach keys, electronic fobs, USB drives, and any other small objects you’d carry on a keychain. We worked to develop a stitching design that keeps loose ends tucked away, prevents fraying, and won’t loosen over time. After all of our construction specifics were ironed out, we tested out an array of manufacturers from both Canada and the US in order to find one that could bring these details together to create the sturdiest product possible. We also wanted to create a wallet that was comfortable to carry on-person all day long, whatever your day looks like. Unlike some other wallets with more rigid designs, the soft, flexible leather of the MKC moves with the wearer, avoiding irritation when sitting down or walking. The compact design and thin profile means it can fit into virtually any pocket or bag compartment without adding extra bulk. And because it consolidates money, keys, and cards into a single package, it takes up significantly less space than carrying a separate keychain, money clip, and cardholder. Though function was our first priority, we of course wanted to create a wallet that was attractive as well. The MKC collection includes two sleek designs in two versatile colours that suit any style. The classic combination of leather with metal hardware can be paired with casual wear, formal attire, and everything in between. The IPPINKA team has worked tirelessly to bring you a product that we believe makes carrying your money, cards and keys as straightforward and comfortable as possible. We think you’ll find that it will not only help keep your essentials organized and easy to access, but will also make your life a little easier. The MKC successfully launched through a Kickstarter campaign. The wallet can now be purchased at the official MKC website.