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Everything You Need To Know About Lift

Living in small, tight urban spaces can be tough. For many of us, fitting clothes and other possessions in an utterly small closet, decluttering the floor from our daily carry, and freeing chairs from our laundry are only parts of the everyday struggle. Just before you know it, you’re pinning space-savings ideas on Pinterest! Now, we […]

Lift : The Launch

It’s been quite a journey for us as we develop our very first IPPINKA in-house product, and we’re nearing the end! Lift is a versatile wall mount that stylishly organizes your busy life. Last week, we revealed Lift’s final components: a wood dowel hangar, a powder-coated steel arm, and a CNC-milled birch plywood plate that […]

Lift: The Reveal

Hello readers, welcome back to our design process blog. As you may know, we’ve been working hard on designing and refining a wall hook that can hold anything you can imagine, from your bike to your Swiffer. So far, we’ve identified the needs of our product and gone through several iterations of the design. Last […]