Money, Keys, Cards: What’s In Your Pocket?

The Beginning Phone, wallet, keys. It’s the checklist you run through before heading out the door. They are the three most important things found in our pockets. Yet, these three items don’t always fit in your pockets, and regardless of running through the checklist, something is often forgotten, dropped, or misplaced. Could we create a product that would tackle bulkiness and items being left behind? Could we create a product that would reduce the clutter, and that could be integrated into the consumer’s everyday life? IPPINKA - MKC Wallet-1 The Research The IPPINKA design team began by evaluating the role that these items play each day. Because these items are so prevalent in our lives, we tend to overlook the minor inconveniences associated with them. We had to take a deeper, critical look at the interaction between user and object, identify any potential issues, and then create a product that would solve a common problem. We found that some people throw their items in a bowl upon arriving home. Certain people separate and hang them, while others keep things in their coat pockets. Each of these actions result in our important items being separated, and potentially misplaced or forgotten, each and every day. Our team began researching products that already met this need. The existing products were more of inconvenience, and not a solution. Wallets with key rings are bulky, and add extra weight to your pockets. Other wallets are made from metal, making for a very stiff and uncomfortable product. We quickly realized we needed to design a product that combined functionality with a minimalistic aesthetic, while not compromising comfort. IPPINKA-MKC-wallet-11 Our Inspiration Taking inspiration from the Swivel Key Holder — another product available from IPPINKA — and our market research, we identified the key criteria and qualities this new product needed. This would require exploration of different mechanisms to find one that allows ease of use, is durable enough for daily life, and that fits our minimalist aesthetic. We also identified the need for a comfortable product, meaning the material had to be malleable, soft, and able to work and integrate well with whatever mechanism we decide on. IPPINKA-MKC-wallet-10 Our Criteria
  • Low profile with minimalistic features
  • Simple, effective and durable mechanism
  • A single solution combining everyday items that travel with us
  • Soft, comfortable, and durable material
Brainstorming The IPPINKA team began brainstorming the different types of mechanisms we could use, taking inspiration from other portable everyday accessories. Toying with a variety of ideas, we kept in mind the clean and simple aesthetic we were aiming for. We explored and tested different shapes and sizes that would be brought together to create the final product. Experimenting with different materials including paper, we began creating experimental prototypes.  Join us on this journey to see what we come up with next! IPPINKA-MKC Wallet-9 IPPINKA-MKC Wallet-13  

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