Figo Futon Chaise Lounge

A combination of a chaise lounge chair and a low bed, the Figo Futon Chaise Lounge takes up minimal space and is not only stylish but also provides extra, and much needed, comfort. Figo-Futon-Chaise-Lounge-01 Whether locked upright as a neat lounge chair or spread out flat for a comfortable sleeping position, the innovative and fresh Figo Futon Chaise Lounger is sure to add style to any room. Figo-Futon-Chaise-Lounge-02 The mattress is made from a soft and durable cotton and polyester twill fabric. It has a solid Nordic Pine frame with a Wenge Wood finish. Figo-Futon-Chaise-Lounge-03 Easily converts from a chair to a sleeping surface, the piece comes with a frame, mattress and two pillows, possesses recessed buttons and tufted finish. The lounger has dimensions of 30 inches high x 31 inches wide x 70 inches deep, while the bed surface dimensions are 9 inches high x 31 inches wide x 77 inches deep. Figo-Futon-Chaise-Lounge-04 Perfect for chilling out, Figo provides a long reclining position for ergonomically supporting your whole body while you relax and read. Besides it makes for a perfect solution for an emergency bed when a guest shows up unexpectedly at your home hoping to stay for the night. Figo-Futon-Chaise-Lounge-05