Dew Drop Tree Tents

Dutch designer and sculptor Dré Wapenaar designed the dew drop-shaped tree tents, which are very spacious and hang from trees. The tents make camping an luxurious experience while still keeping you in touch with nature. Dew-drop-tree-tent-01 Made of a steel frame wrapped in canvas, these tents are topped with a cloth roof. Sporting a spacious platform measuring about 270 cm in diameter and bearing a wooden floor with a round and comfortable mattress, they are sturdy and safe. Dew-drop-tree-tent-02 Apart from luxury, the tree tents add to the scenic beauty as special light effects, created by the transparency of the tent material and the way sunlight falls onto it, slide and roll over the surface of the tent. Dew-Drop-Tree-tent 03 Perfect for environmentalists, the tree tents were originally designed for a group of activists in England known as the Road Alert Group, who used to shelter in trees during their protests against the cutting of forests. Dew-Drop-Tree-Tent-04 Ideal and spacious enough for two adults and two children to camp in, though individual modules can be grouped together at various heights from the ground and organized at various distances apart, thereby allowing different combinations for its users. Dew-Drop-Tree-Tent-05

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