The Mini Mobile Robotic Printer

Think of it as the inverse of a regular printer. Meaning that the moving mechanism normally found inside of the device is now the motorized external unit itself. No longer a printer feeding on paper in order to compose the desired texts and images within its compartments, but instead a robot driving on top of the page producing the print as it skids across the surface of the paper. the-mini-mobile-robotic-printer-03 In contrast to regular printers available today, the device is intended to be very small and capable of printing on virtually any paper size. the-mini-mobile-robotic-printer-04 Additionally, where normally hooking up your printer to your computer was sometimes a science all of its own, the mini mobile robotic printer is claimed to be able to, once it is produced, sync seamlessly with any device without the requirement for installing any additional drivers. the-mini-mobile-robotic-printer-05 Although initially, the mobile printer will only produce prints in monochrome, future iterations of the gadget are likely to have the capability of printing in colour. And on the topic of colour, it seems noteworthy to mention that this little giant is currently available on Kickstarter in either mars black or titanium white. the-mini-mobile-robotic-printer-02 Video: