Wazarashi Japanese Cloth


These Wazarashi Japanese Cloths are simple yet endlessly versatile cloths intended for everyday use. Made from 100% bleached cotton, they are long-lasting and can be reused in numerous ways throughout the home. Use them to wipe and polish surfaces or to dry the hands. In the kitchen, they work great for lining steamer baskets, straining homemade yogurt, or filtering coffee.
Product Details:
  • Product dimensions for roll with stand: 275 in (entire sheet length). 16.4 in x 3.93 in x 3.93 in (roll)
  • Product dimensions for roll (with or without perforations) only: 275 in (entire sheet length). 14.7 in x 2.44 in x 2.44 in (roll)
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Perfect for a multitude of daily purposes
  • Reusable, eco-friendly and ideal alternative to disposable paper towels
  • Made in Japan
*Washing machine and dryer safe.
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