Cool Gelmats


Cool Gelmats are special gel-filled pads that keep you cool in bed by maintaining a cooler temperature than your room’s ambient temperature. They require no refrigeration and can be reused multiple times. Product Features:
  • Provides cooling for up to 60 minutes
  • Gelmats start to re-cool automatically when not in contact with body – just roll over to the other side
  • Nylon side for more cooling, mesh side for less cooling
  • Odor resistant and easy to clean by hand
  • Over 2.8 million Gelmats used by people around the world
Caution: Cool Gelmats are not recommended to those people who cannot roll over on their own.
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3 reviews for Cool Gelmats

  1. ippinka

    “I was so thrilled to buy them two years ago, and now, I bought two more for my children. It is cool enough that you do not need the fan. The analogy is like sleeping on a floor made out of marble. I no longer think of going through a summer without it.” – myrte1976, Aug 7, 2012 (Translated review)

  2. ippinka

    “This kind of thing I was skeptical at first, but after this summer heat, I’m glad I bought a pillow pad.” – Gulty, Aug 12, 2012 (Translated review)

  3. ippinka

    “I originally purchased these for my children who drench in night sweats. I like them because they are easy to wash. Very chilly cooling effect, it is everyone’s favorite in the family. It is not only for sleeping in, but also for sitting on as well. My children are using the pillow pads on the couch now. Once it gets warm, I just roll over and it starts to cool again. I made a good purchase. ” – hokaidodaiskimama, Aug 30, 2011 (Translated review)

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