Stitch Passport Cover


Mark every country you’ve been to with this Stitch Passport Cover. It is a real leather cover perforated in the shape of the world map, so every country visited can be marked with a cross. It comes with a ‘travel’ and thread, ready to use on your travels!

Product Details:
  • Dimensions: approximately 5.5 x 4.0 x 0.4 inches
  • Printed with the world map on the front that is especially perforated so each country visited can be easily stitched with a colorful cross.
  • Includes a ‘travel’ needle and navy thread
  • “Sew your own way” and “Travel On” debossed on the inside cover
**Please note that as leather is a natural material, the thickness & flexibility of the covers will vary slightly and some may be a little tougher to stitch (especially in colder weather). A thimble can help if you have a lot of crosses to mark off
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Weight 0.14 lbs