Japanese Iga Ceramic Pot


Classic-style ceramic pots from Iga, Japan. These “donabe” pots are great for making stews, curries, rice, and a variety of other foods. They have a glazed surface that reflects far infrared radiation (FIR) which helps cook foods evenly and retain the moisture inside. Suitable for cooking on the range or in the oven. Made with premium Iga clay.

Product Details:
  • Lightweight & retains heat longer – porous nature of Iga clay allows heat to penetrate fully to the core, while maintaining its light weight.
  • Richer material – the region of Iga used to be the bed of Lake Biwa, the largest freshwater lake in Japan. Years of aquatic life has blessed this region with clay rich in organic carbon content.
  • More durable – Iga clay is very heat-resistant, allowing craftsmen to heat the clay to a higher temperature, which makes the clay stronger.
  • Better craftsmanship – ceramic craftsmen in this region have hundreds of years of unmatched experience.

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