LifeStraw Portable Water Filter


This water purifying straw removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of parasites without the use of any chemicals. Simply suck on it and water will start flowing. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry with you on outdoor adventures. Also a great device to keep with your emergency kit. Product Details:
  • Dimensions: 9″ long, 1″ diameter; 2 ounces
  • Each LifeStraw can filter 1,000 litres (264 gallons) of water
  • Filters down to 0.2 microns
  • No batteries, no moving part, and no chemicals
  • Shelf life: 5 years
For every 10 LifeStraws sold, IPPINKA will donate one to someone in need. Please read our blog post to learn more about the LifeStraw innovation.
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Weight .125 lbs

3 reviews for LifeStraw Portable Water Filter

  1. ippinka

    “Just got back from a trip to Nepal and Cambodia. I used life straw dozens of times. Most notably while I was in the jungles of Cambodia I found myself dangerously dehydrated and my two water bottles were already empty. There was NO SAFE WATER for me to drink. I did eventually stumble onto a well used by some monks. After figuring out how to prime and pump up the water I used the life straw to drink my fill. I was so relieved, I was miles from the nearest bottle of water and I managed to get my drink on. I didn’t have to take a risk that would have put me in an awful situation (severe diarrhea) , and the weight of the straw is negligible.” – J. D Philipson, July 18, 2012

  2. ippinka

    “For the weight, I believe there is no better backcountry water treatment available. The LifeStraw imparts no strange flavors like its chemical brethren, its flow rate is perfectly acceptable for active pursuits, it has no moving parts to break or filters that need replacing every couple of days, and it does all this at a fraction of the cost and weight of other Filter and UV water treatment options. Besides, what other water treatment system has been tested successfully by people on a daily basis in the most contaminated parts of our planet?” – Brad, January 10, 2012

  3. ippinka

    “Just wanted to leave feedback because I’ve been using the LifeStraw for a while. When you first use it, it’ll take a few strong sucks to get the water flowing. Then once the filter membrane is damp, it’s easy to sip through. If the filter dries out again, perhaps over a few days of not using it, it takes another few strong sucks to get the water going.

    On a hiking trip it was easy to use for every day. Just be sure to blow back into it if the flow stops or when you’re finished sipping, that clears the dirty particles out of the pores of the filter.

    When I got home, I rinsed it out and let it dry for a day or so before capping the ends and putting it back in my camping gear. ” – Mike, February 23, 2012

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