Kyoto Lacquered Flower Cups


This striking pair of black and red cups adorned with flowers and gold accents are traditional lacquerware produced in Kyoto, Japan. Also known as Kyo-shikki, the cups are handcrafted using a unique painting technique developed back in the 14th-16th century. Kyoto lacquerware is celebrated for its delicate wood grain, beautiful lacquer finish, and exquisite designs.
    Product Details:
    • Set of 2 Kyo-shikki lacquered cups
    • Dimensions: 3.46 x 3.46 x 3.54 inches (each cup)
    • Can be used for serving sake, soju, tea, and other refreshments
    • Features an ergonomic design with an easy-to-hold base
    • Handmade in Kyoto, Japan

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    Weight 0.71 lbs