Edamame Shake Bottle Cleaner


The Edamame Cleaners are designed to clean bottles and jars with narrow openings. Simply drop a couple of the cleaners in your bottle, add a drop of dish detergent, close the bottle and shake. After just a few shakes, the abrasion caused by the Edamame Cleaners will remove oils and stains on the inside surfaces. The beans have a hefty weight which allows them to clean in just a few shakes.
    Product Details:
    • Cleans bottles with small openings
    • Works with or without dish detergent
    • Reusable and heat resistant up to 158° F / 70° C
    • Materials: cellulose sponge with ceramic weights

    Comments & Questions:

    Weight 0.5 lbs

    3 reviews for Edamame Shake Bottle Cleaner

    1. ippinka

      “I have a carafe with a flared bottom that no bottle brush could reach. I didn’t expect much from these, but they worked great! The sponges are slightly scrubby and they’re weighted so that as you swish them around inside they do a good job of cleaning. Plus, they’re just a lot of fun to use – shaking these edamame around in a bottle. Worked great on my tall vases too!” – Margo, Sep 28, 2013

    2. ippinka

      “I have a home soda machine and with it two one liter bottles that can be difficult to clean, even with specialized bottle brushes. I bought these hoping it would make the task marginally easier. It’s 1000% easier! Faster, too! Just a little water, a drop of soap and few seconds of swishing and the bottles are cleaner than any brush was able to get them! Great little invention! Get them, you won’t be sorry if you have bottles to clean!” – Kellie T., Apr 23, 2014

    3. ippinka

      “i use a lot of reusable bottles and i’ve been using it on plastic and glass bottles. it works. i like to wash the bottles first, and rinse it without the edamame first, and then with no additional soap, i use the edamame to shake it and clean.” – Soeun, Oct 14, 2014

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