Japanese Lightweight Cast Iron Pan


This Japanese Lightweight Cast Iron Pan is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Made in Kawaguchi City with durable yet super light ductile cast iron, it offers the perfect blend of strength and ease of use. This high-quality pan, crafted by expert artisans, guarantees a seamless cooking experience.

Product Details:
  • Crafted from durable yet lightweight ductile cast iron, significantly lighter than traditional pans
  • Smooth finish of the pan is a result of a meticulous manufacturing process that includes melting the iron in a melting furnace, removing impurities in hot water, molding the iron, and then hand-polishing the product to perfection
  • Made in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
  • Care Instructions: Avoid steel scrubbers or harsh cleansers; wash with warm water and a scrubbing brush. Apply oil before storing to prevent rust and burning; dry thoroughly and store in a dry place. Always heat oil in the pan before cooking; medium heat is sufficient.

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