Botanical Haze Candles


Organic plant-based ingredients give these Botanical Haze Candles their soothing colors. Crafted using ancient candle-making techniques, the wick made of washi paper, rush grass, and cotton is covered with hazenoki tree wax in layers. The candles are unscented and designed for indoor use, burning brighter for 60 minutes with minimal soot. Handmade in Saitama, Japan.
Product Details:
  • Set of 5 warosoku botanical candles
  • Dimensions per piece: 3.9 x 0.47 inches (height x diameter)
  • Materials: washi paper, Igusa grass, cotton (wick), hazenoki tree wax
  • Naturally colored with woodruff (light pink), matcha (green), Japanese indigo (Indigo), redroot gromwell (pink)
  • Burns for 60 minutes
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