Interlocking Versa Ruler


The Interlocking Versa Ruler makes it easy to create intricate designs. Its free-sliding and pivoting design offers unlimited angles, while the interlocking feature allows you to add rulers for multi-sided shapes. Flip over to convert between imperial and metric. Product Details:
  • Set of four 12″ (30 cm) rulers + four protractor assemblies
  • Switch between imperial and metric scale by simply flipping over
  • Materials: Polycarbonate, rubber molding

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Weight 1.5 lbs

3 reviews for Interlocking Versa Ruler

  1. ippinka

    “When my husband got home and saw this curious device that our son was playing with, he immediately wanted to get in on the action and they began to sketch out a building project. Turns out he thought I had bought it for him!
    Anyway, as far as educational tools go, the Versa Ruler is top notch. It helps to create a fun interplay between math and art. And
    my hubby likes it for his DIY projects.

    My only complaint is that the instructions could be clearer and maybe more extensive, especially for those of us who are less mechanically inclined. Aside from that, this was a total home run and even the teachers at my son’s school want to know where he got it.” -N.J., May 15, 2013

  2. ippinka

    “First thing I noticed was it is a lot heavier than I thought it would be. Yes it’s plastic, but it’s really sturdy. A bit too sturdy actually. For my preferences I would want it to be slimmer, though I do like the weight. So I’m fairly mechanically inclined and after fiddling with the components for a few minutes, I pretty much got the hang of it. I think it’s best to start with 2 rulers at a single connection and get comfortable measuring and marking angles before doing all of the crazy shapes they have pictured.” – Yalenis, Aug 13, 2014

  3. ippinka

    “Since the ruler arms connect end to end I thought it would be cool to make a drafting board with a rotating ruler that slides up and down the track. The rulers have little holes at the ends which fit a #10 machine screw. Drilled holes along the edge of a 24″ x 20″ wood board and made some extra holes for rubber ties (to hold paper down). Worked like a charm and I am enjoying my low-tech drafting machine!” -Shaun, Aug 5, 2014

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