Beehouse Coffee Dripper


The Beehouse Coffee Dripper is a long-time favorite of many baristas in Japan. Its smart design features viewing windows to allow you to see into the cup and prevent over pouring. In addition, its finger-hook handle is both ergonomic and unobtrusive. Product Details:
  • Size (1-2 cups): 3 3/5″ diameter x 3 3/8″ height, takes #1 and #2 filters
  • Base dimension: 4 x 3″
  • Fits any mug with diameter of 3 to 3.5 inches
  • Made in Japan
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Weight 2 lbs

2 reviews for Beehouse Coffee Dripper

  1. ippinka

    “The BeeHouse Coffee Dripper has been in my possession for the last seven days. After perusing multiple websites and reviews I settled on the BeeHouse over Hario Dripper. The consensus is that the BeeHouse Dripper can deliver a great cup of coffee without the hassle of having a perfect pour using a kettle specific for pouring water. I love my coffee gadgets as much as anyone else but I had to think a few times as to whether a dedicated kettle for pouring water made any sense. In the end I settled for the BeeHouse Dripper which I have seen used by Blue Bottle Coffee. If they can get a great tasting cup of coffee, I certainly can make it happen at home.” – CoolieOx, Feb 3, 2012 (Bay Area, CA)

  2. ippinka

    “I use this little coffeemaker every morning. It is actually big enough to make coffee for four servings, if I use a wide-mouth quart jar as the receiver instead of my personal coffee mug. I typically make 12oz of coffee at a time for myself. It doesn’t really take longer than the electric drip maker I used to use; It’s just a scheduling issue. I start heating water in the teakettle while I do a couple of other things, pour 4oz of boiling water on two scoops of grounds, do a few other things in the kitchen, pour 8oz of water of boiling water on the now moistened grounds and wait a short time while it drips through. The coffee is great (no hot plastic taste) and cleanup is simple. I use cheap basket filters instead of cone filters, and they work fine for me.” – SFLAGG, Sep 16, 2012 (Seneca, SC)

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