3-Minute Wash Bag


A modern take on the washboard, the 3-minute Wash Bag is designed with hundreds of tiny bumps on the inside. The cleaning quality is similar to that of your washing machine. Requiring only a small amount of water and any cleaning liquid (body wash or shampoo), this wash bag is ideal for travel. Product Details:
  • Dimensions: 6.3 x 2.4 x 2.4″, 5 oz (rolled up); 21.3 x 12.6″ (laid flat)
  • Pocket-sized device washes clothes quickly anywhere
  • Equivalent to a standard cycle machine wash
  • Easy to follow instructions

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2 reviews for 3-Minute Wash Bag

  1. ippinka

    “I am currently travelling in a motor-home with my husband and have used this for 95% of our washing over the last two weeks and it is great. My husband who has problems with his hands can even use it on a flat surface and the warm water and movement gives his aching hands and wrists a soothing work out (bonus). over the next year this is going to be great and save us money.” – Vera H., Jun 4, 2014

  2. ippinka

    “Bought this for travelling round Cambodia and Vietnam – saved a tonne of washing as we did two people’s washing easily and quickly each night. Much quicker than washing without this product and also doubles as a dry bag during the day for storage. Highly recommend!” – Charlie G., Jul 22, 2014

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