Smart Kitchen Tools


These award-winning kitchen tools are smartly designed for improved usability.

Silicone-tip Chopsticks:
  • Dimensions: 11.2″ (long), 9.8″ (regular)
  • Silicone tip is gentle on pots and pans
  • Anti-slip design
  • Heat resistant up to 392 °F / 200 °C
  • Length: 9.8″ / 25cm
Standing Rice Scoop:
  • Standing design prevents contamination and saves space on the counter
  • Embossed surface to prevent rice from sticking
  • Ultra-thin edge to avoid crushing of rice while mixing
  • Winner of Good Design Award and Design Plus Award
Spoon Whisk:
  • Spoon-like whisk design is easy to clean, unlike conventional whisks
  • Flexible triangular-edge wire design provides maximum aeration
  • Winner of Good Design Award and Red Dot Product Design Award
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