Pencil Printer: Print With A Pencil Stub

Designed by Hoyoung Lee, Pencil Printer is an eco friendly concept that uses pencils to print documents. With this innovative design on the go, you don’t have to worry about buying those coloured ink cartridges. You can start saving the pencil stubs though. pencil-printer-print-with-a-pencil-stub-01 Pencil Printer separates the wood from the pencil and uses the lead inside to print documents. You can even erase your mistakes on the document. pencil-printer-print-with-a-pencil-stub-02 There is even a built-in eraser component in the device that can remove text from a page. This way, you end up reusing your page! So you not only save money, but the trees as well. pencil-printer-print-with-a-pencil-stub-03 Since the printer uses graphite as its ink, the final prints have a unique hand-written outlook and a personal touch. pencil-printer-print-with-a-pencil-stub-04 Inspired by the hexagon shape of a regular pencil, this is not only one of the most compact and efficient but also the most environment friendly printing machine. pencil-printer-print-with-a-pencil-stub-05 Video: