RITI Coffee Printer: The Eco-Friendly Inking Solution

In a world of expensive printer ink cartridges, designer Jeon Hwan Ju’s RITI Coffee Printer is a promising new development that plans to take the use of coffee grounds above and beyond your daily morning caffeine fix. By utilizing leftover coffee grounds as an ink substitute, RITI will allow users to partake in eco-friendly printing. riti-coffee-printer-eco-friendly-ink-04 RITI is composed of two essential parts: the ink cartridge and the printer itself. The ink cartridge, once filled with the coffee grounds and some water, is ready to provide ink for whatever you need to print next. The one catch: it does not operate on its own. RITI does require a bit of manual operation where users will have to move the cartridge back and forth in order to mimic the cartridge movement of regular printers. riti-coffee-printer-eco-friendly-ink-02 riti-coffee-printer-eco-friendly-ink-01 Of course, if you’re not the coffee drinking type, the RITI printer is also able to use tea dregs as ink. While the printer is currently not yet in production, the design itself has opened up a world of possibilities for eco-friendly printing to substitute for the environmentally harmful ink cartridges in use today. Plus, it acts as a cheaper option, as a minimalistic product in both style and operating requirements, by utilizing the ever-present resources of coffee and tea. Sip on that!    

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