ZUta Labs: The Printer That Fits in Your Pocket

The Portable Pocket Printer by ZUta Labs is an exciting innovation in portable technology. Designed for on-the-go, every day use, this miniature printer will connect directly to your smartphone and will print on paper of any size. portable-pocket-printer-02 The Portable Pocket Printer weighs 350 grams and is only 10.2 centimeters in diameter. The device is rechargeable and has a simple ON/OFF switch. The user simply turns it on, aligns it with the corner of the page they are printing on, sends their document from a computer or ZUta Labs’ mobile app, and the device engages its unique mechanical system to begin printing. The printer can detect when it has reached the bottom of a page and will pause to be re-aligned to the next page for longer documents. According to ZUta Labs, the device can print a standard letter sized page in one minute and can work for up to one hour on a full charge. Despite its minute size, one cartridge can produce over 100 standard A4 pages. portable-pocket-printer-03 There are many instances where this type of device would be useful for students. Perhaps one might have to make last minute changes to a thesis paper, or correct the spelling of a professor’s name on a title page, or to help when a deadline has appeared out of thin air. School printing labs often charge per page and offer little room for customization. If you are a student who commutes to school, the Portable Pocket Printer might become your new best friend. portable-pocket-printer-04 The Pocket Printer allows you to make professional documents on the spot, allowing for true mobility. Simply pop on the carrying case and store it in your backpack, bag, or purse.

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