New at IPPINKA: Japan Mall

Introducing Japan Mall!

Carefully curated by IPPINKA, we invite you to learn more about the products of Japan Mall! A collaboration with various Japanese companies to bring authentic and exciting products to the North American Market.

From kitchen utensils to travel essentials, there is something here for everyone!


Our silicone-tipped chopsticks feature anti-slip technology to make sure that you never drop what you’re cooking again. In addition, the silicone makes them easy to clean and heat resistant. They come in two sizes, two colours, or as a set.

Not only are these products perfect for the kitchen, but they also are made for travel. Tetra has created a coffee brewer that is lightweight and is only 1mm thick when folded. Due to the lightweight and compact nature of this coffee drip, you can be caffeinated anywhere at any time!

Made in Japan, the Japanese Iron Frying Pan doubles as a plate. This frying pan is ideal for small living spaces, where saving space and resources are essential. Once done with cooking, remove the detachable wooden handle to start eating.

Japanese Tea

From herbal to pickled, we have sourced some of the most exciting blends for you to enjoy. These include 4 herbal teas; Japanese Black Soybean Tea, Japanese Burdock Tea, Japanese Ginger Tea, and Japanese Perilla Tea. Made with authentic Japanese processes and ingredients, they have ingredients that help with overall heart and digestive health.

Nothing can replace the classics! Now at IPPINKA, we carry authentic Japanese sencha with our new Premium Gyokuro Green Tea. This blend is something to remember with its rich flavour and deep green colour!

Latte mixes provide a quick and easy way to enjoy tea. We have picked several interesting latte mixes available through our Japan Mall collection. Including matcha, hojicha, and black sesame mix. Black sesame mixes are available in sweetened or unsweetened.

Homeware and Aroma Goods

During the past year, many of us have been spending more time at home. Our home products provide a nice refreshing update to any space! For example, the furoshiki cloth we found has traditionally been used as a gift-wrapping or made into a lunch bag with a few easy knots. However, you can also hang the two attractive prints we have featured on the wall!

If you’re looking for something more relaxing for your home, we recommend using the Hinoki Aroma Balls. They provide the natural refreshing scent of Japanese Cypress and can be put anywhere. Worried about keeping them fresh? Check out our Hinoki Wood Deodorizing Mist!

Along with our Hinoki wood, we have introduced several new incense scents and holders. What better time to indulge in the relaxing scent of Chamomille or the energizing aroma of Eucalyptus? Using the extensive range of incense we have in Japan Mall, you can make every moment a relaxing one.

All this and more, with new products launching every week until December 2021! So be sure to check each week to see what’s new at Japan Mall!