Hinoki Bath & Floor Mat

Bath mats play an important role in the bathroom. Not only do they absorb wetness from you jumping out of the shower, but they also add a nice touch to the overall feel of the space. Typically, households tend to use fabric bath mats. However, if you’d prefer to try a more unique option, then our Hinoki Bath & Floor Mat mat might be a good fit for you!

Wooden bath mats are becoming more and more popular for many reasons. Our Hinoki Bath & Floor Mat, in particular, is a great choice!

For one, it feels luxurious – like you’re in a fancy resort hotel bathroom. Its warm, wooden finish refreshes the eyes and offers a zen-like vibe that helps create a more relaxing space. Its simplicity also provides a modern feel without disrupting the harmony of the interior.

Apart from that, they are a more practical solution to typical bath rugs. Although they don’t have the same soft and plush feeling underfoot, they make the upkeep much easier. Unlike fabric mats or rugs, our Hinoki Bath & Floor Mats do not collect dust nor hair; so you need not to clean them every week. We know, cloth rugs could be a pain to clean. Fortunately, our Hinoki Bath & Floor Mats require much less maintenance and are even more long-lasting. So if you’re a busy guy or gal, you can save the time allotted for washing and spend it chilling in the tub instead!

Now, let’s talk about the material! If you’re not familiar with Hinoki (Japanese Cypress), it is a large cypress tree native to Japan. Its quality and durability is considered to be world-class, which is why the Japanese love using it for shrines, temples, and even as sushi plates.

Hinoki wood is a great material as a bath mat because of its amazing properties. Naturally, Hinoki wood releases a refreshing and soothing scent. It also dries quickly, enabling it to withstand wet conditions. Furthermore, it has a fine grain, making our Hinoki Bath and Floor Mat resistant to warping and discoloration. Not to mention it is also smooth to the touch!

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