Whiskey Oak Flavor Sticks



The Whiskey Oak Flavor Sticks accelerate the maturation process of whiskey while reducing its impurities. Inspired from traditional barrel-aged techniques and enhancing them, these sticks draw existing flavor and rich color from natural sugars within the oak. In approximately 24-48 hours the 100% all-natural oak will enhance the whiskey.

Product Details:

  • One stick is ideal for 1/5 of a gallon, two sticks are ideal for 1/2 of a gallon
  • Sticks can be re-used, but are designed for optimal results with one time use
  • Will enhance whiskey in as little as 24 hours; do not leave in whiskey longer than 3 weeks
  • Can also be used with vodka, rum, tequila and gin
  • Made from 100% naturally sourced oak

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