Sushi Tong



Make sushi at home like a master chef with the Sushi Tong. The Sushi Tong is an efficient kitchen tool that enables you to make perfect nigiri sushi with its non-stick scoop and compression handle. It applies the technique of grabbing and pressing sushi rice with just the right amount of air. Made of stainless steel in Tsubame Japan.

Product Details:
  • Approximate dimensions: 7.2 in x 3.1 in x 0.9 in
  • Materials: stainless steel (handle & spring), stainless steel with non-sick coated (head)
  • Crafted in the stainless steel manufacturing region of Tsubame Japan
  • When using, rub the head of the tong with vinegar or oil and then scoop rice

Comments & Questions:

Weight 0.75 lbs