Soapstone Solejoy Set


This Soapstone Solejoy Set helps alleviate stress and relieve bodily pressure and tension. It is known that our feet have special points that are connected to our muscles and organs. The set features a cork base and two Carelian Soapstone balls that accumulate heat very well. The combination of warmth and pressure will relax you and surely take away the stress from a long day at work.
Product Details:
  • Includes one cork base and two soapstone balls
  • Base dimensions: 9.8 x 4.3 x 0.8 inches – Ball dimensions: 1.8 inches (diameter)
  • Ideal for massaging the foot’s reflex points
  • Soapstone balls absorb heat very well; warmth conveyed via the feet reach the entire body
  • Made in Finland
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Weight 2 lbs