Sky Planter


The Sky Planter allows you to add beautiful plants to your workspace, kitchen, or home without sacrificing space. A unique hanging reservoir system slowly feeds water to your plants so you don’t have to constantly water or worry about over-watering.
Product Details:
  • Small: 5.1 height x 3.7 diameter inches
  • Medium: 5.9 height x 4.7 diameter inches
  • Large: 7.4 height x 5.9 diameter inches
  • Materials: 100% recycled polypropylene plastic
  • Includes stainless-steel ceiling hook, plastic anchor and about 12.25 inches of nylon-coated steel wire included
  • Built-in ceramic reservoir system gradually meters water to plants for up to over 4 weeks
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3 reviews for Sky Planter

  1. ippinka

    “I bought this for my sister and she’s really pleased with it.saves countertop space in her cramped kitchen-dining area, whilst still allowing her to grow fresh herbs for cooking” – Emma W., Jul 13, 2013

  2. ippinka

    “No water leakage and so decorative. Usually I have to water my herbs every day – not with the sky planter – it has this little green indicator that tells you when the plant needs water.” – Solveig B., Apr 13, 2013

  3. ippinka

    “My wife was delighted and immediately put it to use in the bathroom where there is otherwise no space for a plant.” – McGregor, Jan 8, 2014

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