Senz° Kids Windproof Umbrella


These Senz° windproof umbrellas are designed for kids using the principles of aerodynamics. They can handle wind speeds of up to 100km/hr without inverting and do not compromise on the look and feel. Award-winning in terms of design, quality, and functionality.
    Product Details:
    • Windproof up to 100km/h
    • Dimensions: 125.6 x 26.3 inches (canopy), 24.8 inches (length)
    • Easy to hold and lightweight design at only 0.65lbs
    • Features built-in Eyesavers on the tips to protect the eyes
    • UV protection of UPF 50+
    • Includes luxury sleeve with a shoulder strap
    Also available in Senz° Long and Senz° Mini.
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    Weight 0.65 lbs