Portable Mini Campfire Light


Experience the allure of the outdoors with the Portable Mini Campfire Light, expertly crafted from sustainable food wrap waste. This handy outdoor candle dazzles any event, offering quick, gentle lighting and instant extinguishing. It can even maximize your alfresco dinners and gatherings by aiding in barbecue charcoal heating.

Product Details:
  • Product dimensions: 4.01 in x 4.01 in x 2.79 in
  • Crafted with beeswax, tree resin, and organic components
  • Lights up swiftly and can be used to heat barbecue charcoal
  • Designed for dry environments; place on heat-proof surfaces away from fire hazards
  • To light, use matches or a lighter, and simply slide the lid over the tin to extinguish. Let it cool before moving. Do not use water to extinguish or use it in the rain.
  • Made in Canada from upcycled food wrap waste
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Weight 0.97 lbs