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Write on this lightweight eWriter like pen and paper, and easily save content to its built-in memory with the touch of a button. Files can later be transferred to your computer for editing and storage. Product Details:
  • 9.5″ screen, 11.5oz
  • Internal memory holds up to 200 pages of notes as editable Vector PDF files
  • Erase lock feature to ensure notes are not accidentally erased
  • Battery charge life: 1 week of typical usage / 60 days standby
  • File transfer capability without any software, compatible with Windows or Mac
  • Note: not meant for engineering or design spec drawings that require higher resolution
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3 reviews for LCD eWriter

  1. ippinka

    “I got this exclusively for uploading everything I write to Evernote and organizing myself. A little background. I run a 45+ employee service company. I take quick notes all day, take minor breaks to reorient and double check myself. Before I would have a notebook and write all my daily notes in the notebook. While at the same time going thru jobs and sending out jobs. Now my process is much smoother when using this in coordination with Evernote. ” – Shane, Feb 1, 2013

  2. ippinka

    “I know that many people prefer using tablets like iPad, Galaxy Note etc.. but this thing is different because it’s very close to real pen/paper writing. Also it’s much lighter and thiner just like an ordinary 20 pages notebook. Since it’s single tasked, it makes it very easy and fast to use. Also it’s very difficult to run out battery since it’s a very simply device.” – Ibrahim E., Dec 6 2012

  3. ippinka

    “I’v been working with the device for several weeks and I have no issues. Battery life is very decent and so far I haven’t charge it, and it works very well with windows 7.” – Juan G., April 17, 2013

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