Lace Anchors


Anchor your laces without having to tie bows. The Lace Anchors and Innies eliminate excess lacing and create a solid slip-on fit for any shoes. Simple to install and tested for sports and durability up to 45 lbs of force. Product Details:
  • One pack contains 4 anchors for one pair of shoes
  • Adjustable tightness
  • Suitable for running and sports
  • Works with almost any lace
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Weight 0.2 lbs

4 reviews for Lace Anchors

  1. ippinka

    “Just wanted to say I have had these in my shoes for a while now and they have not come loose yet. I will be putting these in all my shoes from this point on.” – Greg B., Dec 9, 2013

  2. ippinka

    “This is most likely the next best thing since sliced bread. It may not cure world hunger, but it will forever change the way we live our lives in sneakers.
    I have been using my Lace Anchors on my running shoes. Absolutely no problems. I used to get frustrated when the laces come off during the middle of the run. All those problems are now a thing of the past.” – Agostinho B., Jun 2, 2013

  3. ippinka

    “Can’t believe how easy it is to put on my sneakers and how great they feel without a bow tie! Great work.” – Victoria D., May 23, 2013

  4. itserviceman

    I have been using them for few months now and it’s a great product. Bit of advice: treat them carefully while installing, they are fragile. I broke one pair, cause I used too much force during that process. To buy a shoehorn would be a good idea too, if you haven’t one already
    After set up though no troubles or need of adjustment at all.

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