Kami Aroma Stone Diffuser


The Kami Aroma Stone Diffuser is a whimsical miniature sculpture as well as a simple humidifier and aroma stone. Each figurine is crafted using unglazed porcelain and portrays the Seven Lucky Gods of Japan. Perfect for scenting and bringing good fortune to small spaces such as entryways or study rooms.
Product Details:
  • Japanese Seven Lucky Gods figurine with cushion
  • Benzaiten – known as the god of beauty and deity for performing arts and wealth
  • Hotei – known as the god of cleverness and deity for good fortune and happiness
  • Materials: unglazed porcelain (figurine), polyester/noto chirimen (cushion), and cotton (batting)
  • Kutani-ware, a traditional style of Japanese porcelain produced in Ishikawa prefecture
  • Works as an aroma stone, small humidifier, or room decor
  • Handmade in Japan
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