Japanese Sceneries Desk Calendar


The Japanese Sceneries Desk Calendar brings daily tranquility with picturesque landscapes and sceneries from Japan, and poetic Japanese descriptions. Its versatile and reusable design, free from specific holidays or days of the week, doubles as a chic calendar, poster, or gift. A perfect blend of simplicity and style, this elegant calendar on your table elevates any home or office space.

Product Details:
  • Product Dimensions: 2.16 in x 4.33 in x 6.02 in
  • Features picturesque scenes of Japanese landscapes, providing daily serenity and turning your workspace into an oasis
  • Detailed with informative descriptions in poetic Japanese, adding a cultural touch to your daily routine
  • Uniquely designed without specific holidays, years, or days of the week, ensuring its relevance year after year
  • Serves multiple purposes: can be shared as a gift, used as a chic table calendar, or displayed as a statement poster

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