Japanese Genmai Decaf Coffee


Japanese Genmai Decaf Coffee comes in two distinct choices: one made with Yamada Nishiki rice, known for its role in Sake production and hailing from Hyogo Prefecture, and the other with Hokkaido’s Yumepirika rice, celebrated for its sweetness and aroma. Each variety offers a unique flavor, combining a rich aroma and sweet taste. These decaf coffees showcase the distinctive qualities of their respective rice types.

Yamada Nishiki (100g Ground Coffee):
  • Pack dimensions: 1.18″ x 2.16″ x 5.51″
  • Available as ground coffee, 100 grams
  • Integral in Japanese Sake-making and offers a unique, sake-like aroma and flavor
  • Grown in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Yumepirika (4g Tea Bags x 10 Bags):
  • Pack dimensions: 1.96″ x 4.72″ x 5.9″
  • Comes in a pack of 10 tea bags, 4 grams each
  • Known for its natural sweetness and aromatic qualities and provides a less bitter, more enjoyable flavor profile
  • Cultivated in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

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