Handmade Clay Donabe


These Handmade Clay Donabes are high-heat retention Japanese clay pots, great for stews, rice, soups, and more! It features classic designs and is handmade through a traditional Japanese pottery process. These Donabe pots can carry up to 2-2.8 liters, good for approximately 6 people. Made by skilled craftsmen in Japan.
Product Details:
  • Traditional cooking pots that are a staple in Japanese households
  • Evenly distributes heat and has high heat-retention
  • Capacity: 2-2.8 Litres of liquid
  • Banko-yaki is a traditional style of ceramics ware from Mie, Japan
  • Handmade by craftsmen in Japan

Product available in the U.S. only

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Simple Black and Natural 2 Litres, Patterned Black and Natural 2 Litres, Brown and Natural 2 Litres, Charcoal and Natural 2.8 Litres