Eco Laundry Sachet


This Eco Laundry Sachet is an efficient and natural laundry product that uses magnesium to clean clothing. It is ideal for removing odor, and is 10 times stronger than regular detergent. Its technology allows it to be reused up to 365 times, making it a cheaper, and more eco-friendly alternative. It is 100% free of toxic and synthetic chemicals, and is designed and made in Japan. Product Details:
  • 100% free of toxic and synthetic chemicals
  • Sachet can be used up to 365 times
  • Effectively removes dirt and stains; pre-spotting is recommended for strong stains and whites
  • 10 times stronger in removing odor components than regular detergent; does not contain any fragrance
  • Removing the sachet before drying in a machine is recommended; however clothing will not be damaged if accidentally placed in a dryer
  • Can be used with hot and cold, and hard and soft water
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