Binchotan Oral Hygiene Kit


The Binchotan Oral Hygiene Kit is a multipurpose tool that includes various head attachments to work as a toothbrush, flosser, and tongue scraper. Its handle has a storage compartment for items like pills or toothpicks, and the binchotan bristles are naturally anti-odor. An integrated data tracker also records your brushing habits.
Product Details:
  • Binchotan bristles are naturally anti-odor
  • Comes with compostable toothbrush, flosser, and tongue scraper and attachments.
  • Enables you to record your brushing habits through a data tracker
  • Base of handle includes a small storage container
  • Travel case included
  • Materials: aluminum, bamboo composite, and binchotan

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Weight 1.0 lbs

3 reviews for Binchotan Oral Hygiene Kit

  1. ippinka

    “I am totally digging my new product. The sleek design, convenient travel case, and those charcoal bristles are my favorite part of this product. The size of the toothbrush fits my mouth perfectly. My teeth have literally never felt cleaner. I’d definitely recommend this product.” – Via H., Jun 25, 2015

  2. ippinka

    “It’s products like this that drive innovation. Too many toothbrushes are thrown away needlessly, and it seems like nobody has thought about it before (or at least been able to challenge the big players). The design of the toothbrush is simple, comfortable, and get’s the job done. Plus it looks like something I would feel proud to hang next to my sink rather than those over-designed, neon toothbrushes that exist now. You have to ask yourself, do I really need 7 layers or rubber gripping for my toothbrush? The case is nice for traveling as well, mainly because I can just throw it in the dishwasher when I’m done and clean out any toothpaste residue. If you want to start a revolution in oral care, and want a solid toothbrush, then this product is for you.” – Andrew D., Jun 24, 2015

  3. ippinka

    “Great Travel toothbrush kit. Everything you need for the road. Toothbrush, tongue scrapper, and floss all in one package.” – Lex O., Jun 3, 2015

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