The Hisory of Nawrap – One of Our Best Sellers

Long before Nawrap, there were only traditional mosquito nettings or kaya. These hand-woven, porous materials played a huge role in Japanese households for thousands of years. From the early 1700s, the Japanese have been utilizing woven hemp fibers as protection from pests and annoying mosquitos, especially in the summertime. The Kaya varied in sizes – some large enough to cover an entire sleeping area, and some small enough to cover a single futon. Not only were they seen in bedrooms, but also in family living spaces. Convenient, comfortable, and highly efficient at keeping insects away, the Kaya was highly regarded in Japan. One acclaimed manufacturer of traditional mosquito nets in Japan was Maruyama Fiber Industry Co. Ltd. Founded in 1930, in the Nara prefecture in the Kansai Region, the company originally manufactured nets woven from high-quality cotton and hemp fabrics. They used traditional Japanese weaving techniques that have been perfected over decades. However, due to modern innovations and adaptive living, the demand for traditional mosquito nets declined. Eventually, the company made the decision to venture on into the cloth and textile industry, producing multipurpose eco cloths made from the same netting fabrics adapted using traditional weaving techniques and technologies not seen outside Japan. These multipurpose eco cloths are what we know today as Nawrap. Today, Nawrap is a game changer in modern households. It now reaches homes all over the world. They produce everything from a line of 100% organic cotton skin towels, to dishcloths and bath towels, and much more. The Nawrap fabric is incredibly special. The fabric features a multilayer weave that increases water absorbency and durability; and a textured surface that cleans much better than a regular cloth. It is breathable and quick-drying, making it so easy to use and reuse. Most of all, the Nawrap fabric gets better and softer over time! Another unique trait that Nawrap is known for is its use of binchotan charcoal. Nawrap infuses ultra-fine binchotan into its fibers. Binchotan is the highest grade of charcoal, and works to naturally absorb odors that would typically accumulate within the fabric. No more smelly dishcloths, yoga towels, or bath towels! The charcoal is also permanently infused, so you don’t have to worry about it coming out with use. Whether you need it for the kitchen, dining, bathroom or bedroom, there’s always a Nawrap product for you!