HiCan: The World’s Smart Bed

To many, a bed is a sacred place of comfort, relaxation, and rest. That’s why Hi-Interiors created a smart bed. Called HiCan, this revolutionary bed is a “private sanctuary where you can enjoy a new concept of lifestyle and comfort.” HiCan brings technology right to you in the comfort of your bed. Featuring a 70″ home theatre screen, HiCan has numerous features, offering you well-rested sleep and enjoyable pastimes. From an advanced sound system (aka invisible speakers) to adjustable LED lights with ambient lighting options, or from an accessible touch board to automated privacy blinds, head- and footrest, HiCan is designed to give you the ultimate experience. The standard input device for Hi-Interiors’ smart bed is AppleTV with AirPlay compatibility. However, HiCan also supports gaming consoles like the X-Box or PlayStation. Although currently under development, the HiCan app will control the user interface of the smart bed. Wi-Fi enabled, it will be available for both iOS and Android smartphones. One innovative feature of HiCan is its configuration ability. You can save your preferences—for example, TV settings—and share it onto another HiCan bed through the app or the Apple Watch. This eliminates the hassle of setting up your preferences again. That’s enough about HiCan’s technology. What about the factor of sleeping on this revolutionary bed? Hi-Interiors say the bed provides a wonderful night of sleep. The exterior structure is made of Adamantx, a material that was born from years of studies and experimentation. Adamantx offers solidity, strength, versatility, lightness, and washable features to HiCan. The client can request leather or textile fabric for the upholstery. HiCan One customer wrote: “Your product is amazing! I love this bed. I saw this bed and fell in love with the design.” Another customer said he’s “always wanted something like this! It’s my dream come true!” Realizing how popular the HiCan bed became, the company started a campaign for it. Hi-Interiors next steps were to make the revolutionary bed more affordable to consumers. The company believes that “any meaningful technology is going to be an every-person’s technology.”