PLAYBULB Solar: Revolutionary Outdoor Lighting

Energy saving, fun, versatile, colourful, and waterproof. These are characters of the PLAYBULB Solar, which is also known as the revolutionary outdoor light. This portable lighting product decorates any indoor or outdoor environment with customizable ambient lights. PLAYBULB-SOLAR-08 The PLAYBULB Solar is extremely easy to use and hassle free. It requires no assembly like other lighting installations and can be used right out of the box. This outdoor lighting product resembles a disk with the size of 191.44 mm in length and 33 mm in height. PLAYBULB-SOLAR-07 This size makes the PLAYBULB Solar an easy-to-carry and portable lighting invention unlike those rooted and bulky lighting installations. PLAYBULB-SOLAR-06 The PLAYBULB Solar has an entire colour spectrum that you can choose from. Set any type of mood (whether energetic or soothing) with the abundance of colour combinations you can create. You can maximize the fun if you download its app. One of the functions includes the capability of controlling multiple PLAYBULB smart lights simultaneously. The PLAYBULB X app also gives you full control on playing around with the colours and you can activate special lighting effects. The app is free to download on both the Apple Store and Google Play and will connect to the PLAYBULB Solar via Bluetooth. PLAYBULB-SOLAR-12 The PLAYBULB Solar is 100 per cent solar-powered. It has a built-in smart light sensor that absorbs light energy which is then stored in the internal lithium-ion battery. The solar-powered aspect of this smart device makes it an ideal energy-saving product. PLAYBULB-SOLAR-05 The PLAYBULB Solar will automatically charge because of its smart light sensor. Simply put it outside to charge and it will be ready to use at night. This lighting product takes 8 and up to 12 hours to charge but it can operate up to 25 hours on a complete charge. PLAYBULB-SOLAR-02 The PLAYBULB Solar was designed with pool fun in mind. It is floatable and water resistant with a rating of IP68. Bring the colourful ambient lights into the water. PLAYBULB-SOLAR-10 The PLAYBULB Solar is a Red Dot Award winner because of its “versatile and energy-saving range of features.” This lighting product was designed by MIPOW. It is a startup company that brings together industrial and electronic design. According to the PLAYBULB Solar’s Kickstarter page, MIPOW has successfully raised seven projects on the website and has won numerous rewards for its innovative products.

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