Binchotan for the BBQ: Why It’s the Best for the Grill

Grilling is the oldest methods of cooking with a long history dating back to the caveman days. And in the present day, it’s probably one of the more favored ways of preparing food. It’s less fatty, fun to do with friends and family, and not to mention the irresistible charred flavor. Although are several types of charcoal and techniques that can be used for the perfect grill, one charcoal that the Japanese have sworn by for centuries is Kishu Binchotan. Kishu Binchotan is incredibly unique. Not only is it a cooking agent, but it is widely utilized in households as a water and air purifier, deodorizer, soil fertilizer; and is also an active ingredient in cosmetics and hygiene products. This activated charcoal has been perfected with Japanese Ubame Oak, native in the forests of the Kishu prefecture in Japan, and is considered to be the best fuel for grilling. As it is all natural and does not contain chemicals, it generates infernal heat that articulately kisses the meat and preserves its flavorful juices, gives a good sear, and produces a beautiful, delicious flavor. It doesn’t release smoke nor odor into food and is said to emit far infrared waves – things that a cheaper variety of charcoal simply can’t do. In Japan, Binchotan is especially used for their local dishes like yakitori (grilled chicken skewers), unagi (grilled eel), robatayaki, and yakiniku (grilled meat). They attest to the unique flavour it gives to meat and seafood that is unachievable with other types of charcoals. Moreover, compared to other types of charcoal, Binchotan ignites faster, can burn up to five hours and generates heat nearing 2,200 ºF. For restaurant owners and chefs from all over the world, this makes a huge difference, especially when cooking for a crowd. Grilling with Kishu binchotan is an extraordinary gastronomic experience. Fortunately, this charcoal is accessible and available for households so you can experience it for yourself too! Get yours here.