Tsubame Santoku Knife


The Tsubame Santoku Knife is designed in Tsubame Sanjo, Niigata, a hub of metal craftsmanship in Japan since the Edo era. Ideal for a range of kitchen tasks, its unique rounded handle provides both elegance and a secure grip, ensuring ease of use and precise cutting, particularly with tougher ingredients.

Product Details:
  • Dimensions: 12.67 in x 1.77 in x 1.02 in
  • Material: Molybdenum Vanadium Steel
  • Color: black
  • A santoku is a general-purpose Japanese kitchen knife designed for slicing and dicing meat, fish, and vegetables
  • Lightweight, easy to use and corrosion-resistant
  • Dishwasher-safe
Do not use on bones or frozen food.
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