Sushi Roll Making Kit



Create restaurant-quality sushi rolls at home with the Sushi Roll Making Kit. It features a makizushi tray, bamboo mat (makisu), and pressing lid, for easy and authentic sushi creation at home. Crafted from fine Hinoki wood, this kit is both practical and elegant, making it an essential addition to any sushi enthusiast’s kitchen.

To use, place the bamboo mat on the tray, lay out the sushi seaweed, add rice and ingredients, then press with the lid. Wet the lid before pressing to prevent sticking. Shape your sushi, cut to size, and enjoy!

Product Details:
  • Dimensions: 9.45 in x 8.27 in (bamboo roll mat), 2.95 in x 3.35 in x 11.02 in (tray)
  • Materials: hinoki wood (lid, tray), bamboo (roll mat)
  • Includes a makizushi tray, a makisu (bamboo mat for sushi pressing), and a pressing lid
  • Made in Japan
Rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly.

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Weight 0.98 lbs