Mini Zen Moss Garden Kit



Design your own miniature Japanese zen garden! This kit comes in a wooden gift box and contains traditional white sand, lava rocks from Mt.Fuji, two types of freeze-dried green moss, and a mini kumade (rake) for making patterns in the sand. Karesansui is a zen gardening style that creates a scene of nature by intricately arranging rocks to represent mountains and raked sand to represent ripples in water.
Product Details:
  • A miniature Japanese traditional garden (kare-sansui) kit
  • includes a wooden box, white sand, 2 types of freeze-dried moss (fujigoke), garden rock (lava rock harvested from Mount Fuji), and a wooden stick for creating sand patterns (kumade)
  • Made in Japan
*Do not water. Avoid direct sunlight. When not in use, store in cool, dark space.
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