Binchotan Throw Blanket


The Binchotan Throw Blanket will keep you warm and cozy. Made out of 100% organic cotton and Binchotan-infused rayon, not only is it super soft, but the charcoal also works to naturally neutralize odors. The blanket also has incredible heat retaining properties. Perfect for the interior enthusiast! Woven in Japan.
    Product Details:
    • Dimensions: 58 x 67 inches
    • Materials: 83% cotton and 17% rayon. Colored and created without the use of chemicals and dyes
    • Has four layers of material for extra absorbency and durability
    • Created using unique and traditional Japanese weaving technique
    Care instruction: Throw blanket is washing machine safe but will shrink by about 10% after the first wash. Please do not put in the dryer.

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    Weight 0.11 lbs