Banko-Yaki Clay Cooking Pot


Product Will Arrive Before Dec 24 (U.S. Customers)
    The Banko-Yaki Clay Cooking Pot is a traditional Japanese earthenware from Mie, Japan. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, it is made with heat-resistant clay that allows it to gradually and evenly build heat and retain it even after being removed from the flame. It also utilizes natural far-infrared rays emitted by its glaze that cook each ingredient to the core and seal in all the flavor.
    Product Details:
    • Traditional Japanese donabe clay pot with outer lid
    • Capacity: 2300ml (good for 3-4 people)
    • Superior heat-retention, keeps food warm
    • Crafted by skilled artisans in the historic pottery region of Mie in Japan
    *Not dishwasher-safe

    Product available in the U.S. only

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