Tranquility Pod: Bed That Massages You To Sleep

For some, the quest for decent night’s rest is a challenging task. For architect and designer Alberto Frias, the Tranquility Pod indulges in elements of meditation and sensory bliss as the approach to a better way to sleep. tranquilitypod-03 This futuristic egg-shaped capsule engulfs and gently soothes as you lie on a memory foam cushion on top of a temperature controlled waterbed. The Pod, ingeniously, uses a biofeedback system that synchronizes with the user’s heart rate sending vibrations through sound in order to massage and alleviate stress. This along with the inner ambient lighting system contributes to a relaxed, floating sensation simulating the primal sense of being in the womb. tranquilitypod-02 As a true escape from the outside, the Pod design eliminates 99 percent of surrounding noise. Alternatively, streaming your personal music playlist through the four-way speaker system is also an option. The Pod has wireless capability to connect with your iPod or iPad which is accessible through hidden control panels. tranquility pod5 Ecologically, the Pod is responsibly constructed with a soy-based fiberglass and uses 50 LED lights as well as cushions that are made with organic cotton. tranquilitypod-05 Frias’ inspiration for meditation came from watching the rhythm of ocean waves. As his resolution to escape, to sleep and to reflect, that same hypnotic response is translated in the Pod.